It’s good to be baaaack

Reminder: Meeting tonight, 8pm SCC.

An invitation: Do you want to join the new improved Innermost Parts?

The Board of Trustees has set the wheels in motion for the most momentous decision in our tenure at Brandeis: choosing the next President. Meanwhile, the faculty are architecting the new face of Brandeis academics, and the Student Union is rewriting our constitution.

We need a platform to advocate our vision of the future – and hash out how to get there.

Introducing – the 2009 relaunch of Innermost Parts.

We need a strong voice advocating for students on campus, and we need one that’s read by faculty, students, and staff alike.

I want to work with you to make Brandeis better.

Innermost Parts is the student progressive blog on campus. We’re read by the administration and treated as an authentic student voice. We write about change we want to see on campus, and sometimes – especially if we work hard for it – it happens. We’re starting over – do you want in as well?

We’re going for a fresh start: using time-honored community organizing techniques with cutting edge blogging tactics.

It’s time to speak truth to power. It’s time to let the Board of Trustees know that we students will demand a voice in the process of choosing the next President of Brandeis – and the fate of the University as well. It’s time to start holding the Union accountable, the media accountable, the administration accountable.

We’re meeting this Monday at 8pm at the Shapiro Campus Center (atrium).
Can you make it?


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  1. You didn’t indicate what room the meeting is in. Also, what does this Monday mean? Today? Next week?

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