Did you know that Brandeis introduced a new recycling program this year?  It’s a part of Brandeis’ efforts to become a more environmentally sustainable campus.  If you didn’t know, it’s called “Single Stream Recycling” and it’s designed to both increase recycling rates and decrease costs for the university.  In this new process, all sorting is done at the recycling facility.  For you this means that you no longer have to sort paper, metal, plastic, and glass.  You can now place all recyclable materials together.

As a reminder, these are the materials you can place in any of the blue bins on campus:

All Papers


Plastics Numbered 1-7



Please do NOT place the following materials in the recycling bins:


Unnumbered Plastic

To Go Containers

Food & Liquids

Please spread the word about the new Single Stream Recycling system and remember to recycle whenever possible!

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