Join the Government of Waltham

The City of Waltham sent a representative to the Career fair last Thursday.

They want you. They want you to join the government of the city of Waltham, Massachussetts.

All you have to do is send in a one-page application and attach your resume.

I know what you’re thinking. “Holy crap! What’s the fine print?”

As far as I can tell, nothing. You apply for a position in a city commission and then the Mayor will hopefully appoint you. If enough people express interest (by commenting on this post, for example), I’ll try to set up a meeting for us with a representative from Waltham who can explain it more.

Let me emphasize this – Waltham is begging for students to join the actual legit waltham government.

Some commissions you could apply to join –
– Ambulance Service Review Committee
– BOard of Cemetery Commissioner
– Board of Health
– Board of Library Trustees
– Board of Registrars of Voters
– Board of Survey adn Planning
– Cable Advisory Board
– Commissioners of Trust Funds
– Conservation Commission
– COuncil on Aging
– Handicapped Serices COmmission
– LIcense Comission
– Municipal Awards Program Comittee
– Park and Recreation Board
Waltham Cable Advisory Board
Waltham Community Access Corporation Board
Waltham Cultural Council
Waltham Historical Comission
Waltham HOusing AUthority
Waltham Retirement Board
– Zoning Board of Appeals

I have a bunch of applications. I’ll set up a meeting soon where everyone can get a copy and we can all apply together or something. For now – get pumped! Also, find out more info on the specific commission you want to join on the waltham city gov’t website –


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