The very first DFA meeting of the year is occurring this Tuesday at 9 pm, in Pearlman 201 202. For those of you who don’t know, DFA is the sweetest activist group on campus among many sweet activist groups (and yes, I may be slightly biased).

Our very own Sahar made a short, kickass intro video highlighting our work last year and showing new people what’s up.


6 comments on “Kickass DFA Brandeis video”

  1. phil Says:

    Sweet!! Nice job guys!

    BTW, It’s room 202, not 201.

  2. Lev Says:

    That video is terrific. It needs to be shown to everyone at Brandeis.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Yep… that video gave me chills.

    Very nice.

  4. neda Says:

    That song makes it just feel good too.

  5. Comradical Says:

    Where’d you find the ancient Brandeis pictchas?

  6. Sahar Says: