Live Off-Campus? Not a Probelm!

This is a great program setup by Off-Campus Senator Rachel Goutman! Way to help the environment and make school more accessible! Kudos to you, Rachel, I hope this program will go far!

E-mail from Secretary Kirkland:

Your Off-Campus Senator, Rachel Goutman, has implemented a student run carpool system as a way to provide off-campus students with an additional option of transportation to campus. There are many students that live off campus with cars. Likewise, there are many students that live off campus without cars. The idea of the carpool list is for students with a car, who choose to participate, to provide rides to campus for students who live close by without a car.

Rules for using the carpool list:
• You MUST call a student with a car at least 24 hours in advance to
ask for a ride.
• Participation in the carpool is not mandatory. Student’s schedules
change and they may not always be available to provide rides.
• If you use a driver 5 times or more, you must give them gas money.
It is up to the drive to decide how much money a student should
• Try and contact drivers that live close by to you.

You can find the form to sign up here:

And you can find the spread sheet of participants here: