Liveblogging the State of the Student Union

Hey I’m at Shapiro Atrium liveblogging my impressions of the State of the Student Union Address. They have free falafel here, so get on down; the actual address didn’t start yet.

Note – all quotes are quick drafts and could be easily be misquotes. This is more about the general gist of her sentences than what she actually said.

Update 1: 6:57
Still no speaches. Many well0dressed members of hte student union are walking around. There is also a table of adults right next to me. Let’s see who they are. Jean Eddy, Ed Callahan, Joe Dupont other people who’se names I forget. They are all sitting right next to me. Interestingly enough, they’re talking about Eliot Spitzer and the whole “being caught with a prostitute” thing.

Update 2: 7:03
Ed Paternoso is talking. Talking about how he’s tight with Shreeya.
Now Shreeya is taking the se

Update 3: 7:04
Moment of silence for Bernard Herman. Who is he?
“I set up this year was to set up a culture of activism”
“Global Students for Global Change”
Dude she’s blasting Goldman. Then Jean Eddy/ Student Activities. She talks about facing media ignorance in October. What was this?

Update 4: 7:06
“The state of the union is strong” – Obligatory.
Talking about the Brandeis Citizenship campaign.
Shoutouts to some clubs she’s inspired by –
Student Peace Alliance: Hosting the SPA convention.
SEA: For working with administration & recycling
Student Crossing Boundaries – brandeis students going to the west bank
Clinton -> PF.

Update 5 – 7:08
Shout outs to Jason Gray / , “stall street journal” , outreach dream team
Shout out to Mara Cullen
It seems that Shreeya is taking an optimistic tone, etc. She said that the union overcame the challenges of Student Activities fee, etc. Yet the Student Union backed down: the student events fee will still be diverted

Update 6 – 7:11
She’s been talking about sundry quality of life issues now. Shout outs to specific senators.

Update 7 – 7:14
Enough shout outs to specific senators. Now she’s talking about the accomplishments of committees. Examples of some things she’s talking about: zip cars, ridge wood, ollies eatery, midnight buffet.

Update 8 – 7:17
Kaamilah and Tamar Ariel are apparently switching us to recycled paper and sweatshop free clothing. Cool!
This speech is very much like a laundry list of things going on. Which is warranted up to a point.
Talking about Hiatt reform. Apparently it’s a-happening.
Shout-out to Rebecca Wilkof for setting up Communiversity. I agree with Shreeya. Communiversity is awesome.

Update 9 – 7:20
Diversity at Brandeis is different: “It’s not the way we look, but the ability to freely associate … It’s not an initiative. … not a reaction”
Talking about how the validity of the Senator for Minority Students. There will be a committee report. Bah.

Update 10 – 7:21
Talking about Virgina Tech and other shootings. Decision to arm Public Safety.
“Discourse and lobbying led to creation of the Firearms Implementation Committee”.
“One of the more serious concerns raised involves the sensitivity training policemembers get” Damn Straight that’s right.
She’s going to create a propoganda arm to quiet people’s fears? Maybe she should instead pay attention to the concerns raised?

Update 11 – 7:23
Talking about Jean Eddy and Student Activities Fee.
Jean Eddy is a few feet away from me. I can’t see her expression but she seems to be paying attention attentively.
“Whether it was a good decision or not, students should have decided whether students should have gotten a say”
Talking about the Bernstein Marcus protest. Called it “inspiring”. “We will not shy away from [this issue] in the coming months” I wonder if that’ll happen.

Update 12 – 7:25
Talking about Extasy.
“Currently Brandeis is lacking in accommodation capacity. we simply do not have enough large spaces for large events”

Update 13 – 7:29
Talking about Club Collaboration
Talking about F-Board reform. It all sounds very worthy but I can’t copy it down fast enough. Wants a more centralized and transparent F-board structure.
Talking about funding rollover. Blames clubs for not spening money they ask for. I’m not sure how true this is.
Challening club leaders – “we want you to think big. Then think bigger”

Update 14 – 7:31
Student Union wants a cap on its funding for one year – the student activities fee keeps growing since tuition keeps increasing. <-News?
She missed a chance to potshot the upward-spiraling tuition fee.
Talking about CapX. What is this?
News – in the Spring we will ask you to amend the constitution
Thanking Jean Eddy now for working with them. Is this in return for talking about the Student Events thing?

Update 15 – 7:34
Jason Gra will start an executive committee to create a student bill of rights.
[ed – this could end up badly. The conservative or “Let’s not challenge the university on anything” voting blocks in the union senate could end up crippling such an attempt. This could end up with us having less rights than before]

Update 16 – 7:36
“To the Union. Take responsibility for your government.”
She lauded the progressiv / activist community on campus. Pretty words.

It’s over