Mamoon back on campus

breaking news – Mamoon Darwish is back on the Brandeis campus, and he says that he’s allowed on Brandeis property . He’s in Shapiro Campus Center right now, surrounded by joyful students. Go meet him!

More on this story as it develops…

update: Mamoon says he is in some sort of disciplinary probation at the moment.

update 2: Mamoon was acquitted on all charges, on appeal. His statement: “Two months of my life gone, and I didn’t even do anything wrong.” He also is under housing probation.


One thought on “Mamoon back on campus”

  1. and I didn’t even do anything wrong

    Assaulting another student, that’s not wrong!? I can’t the trial process was fair, but I do know that fighting with students is wrong. Take some accountability, Mamoon.

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