March 19, 2008. A photo-visual experience

Students woke up today to a transformed Brandeis:

Apathy Couch from far away

Behold…the couch of Apathy!

Apathy Couch from close away

All photos taken by Rivka Maizlish. To see the whole set of photos she took today, go to this flickr photoset.

many more pictures below the fold…

Each flag is 10 dead

Lots of flags

Meanwhile, in Usdan, activists were reading out the names of the nearly four-thousand dead American soldiers who died in Iraq.

Guy is speaking!

Drop Beats, not Bombs!

more usdan

Later on in the day, we occupied Shapiro and turned it into a pro-peace zone:


Lipstick makes good peace-paint

And then, off to Usdan to shout out fun slogans like : “war is idiotic, peace is patriotic”, “what do we want? peace. when do we want it, now” “tell me what democracy looks like: this is what democracy looks like” as well as some subversive chanting of “dual containment works” “what do we want? habeus corpus. when do want it, yesterday!” “autonomy not monopoly” “occupation corrupts the national character. stop this horrible national disaster” and my favorite, “salaam, aleinu v’al kohl ha olam. salaam, salaam”. Jews got style.

Finally, we met in a large circle in Shapiro to hear speeches by such campus figures as Father Cuenin, Gordy, and several members of the Innermost Parts community, including co-founder Loki, contributors Adam and Serby, commenter Lev, and, of course, myself.

circle of peace

We estimate there were 120 people at the rally.

To see more photos of today, go here.


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