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Quick notes from the address-

4:22 – There are lakes formingin the sheets of ice on Greenland. The melted water also flows to  the  bottom on the ice sheets, lubricatingthe ice sheets and carrying them ever so swiftly to the sea.

4:25 – Whyisthe world angryat us? “Most of the CO2 is Red White Blue”

4:26- ‘You can’t preach temperance from the bar stool.” Re- Our attitude to India and China

4:27- “The Amazon is the lungs of the plan et.”

4:30 – Touts the Energy Bill’s improvement of CAFE standards. 35 mpgs by 2020.   The same  energy bill that  gravel scorned as too weak, by the way. Markey talks about Toyota, GM,   etc  fighting it. Talks about   how youth are pushing congress and  are ‘the future”

ed – It’s good that markey acknowledges that the energy bill was weak. It’s also good that he pushes thee idea that we have to pass a cap and trade program before we have the credibility to  tell india and china what to do.

4:39 – Apparently now we are “The Green Generation”

4:40- Tells the walmart CF lightbulb story.

4:43 – Markey’s challenge – Find a product or company that wastes power (ex. cell phones can be more energy efficient, etc) and start a publicity campaign to hold these  companies accountable.

4:45- The old apollo program analogy


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