Mike Gravel is coming to Brandeis

And soon. April 6th.

edit: He is being brought by Students for a Democratic Society, I believe. -Loki


6 thoughts on “Mike Gravel is coming to Brandeis”

  1. He did no great serivce to our nation by primary-ing one of the greatest senators of all time.

  2. Dude, Gravel is the man.
    He’s the guy who lead the filibuster against the draft.
    He’s this guy:

    On the night of June 29, 1971, Gravel attempted to read the papers on the floor of the Senate as part of his filibuster against the draft, but was thwarted when no quorum could be formed. Gravel instead convened a session of the Buildings and Grounds subcommittee that he chaired, and began reading from the papers with the press in attendance, omitting supporting documents that he felt might compromise national security, and declaring, “It is my constitutional obligation to protect the security of the people by fostering the free flow of information absolutely essential to their democratic decision-making.”
    He read until 1 a.m., until with tears and sobs he said that he could no longer physically continue, the previous three nights of sleeplessness and fear about the future having taken their toll. Gravel ended the session by inserting 4,100 pages of the Papers into the Congressional Record of his subcommittee.

    Mike Gravel may be a horrible presidential candidate, but he’s done a great service to our nation.

    Also, without Mike Gravel, we wouldn’t have the joy of this music video

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