Minor Pay Cut News

Read this in the New York Times

. Witness the unusual suggestion made in early December by the chairman of the faculty senate at Brandeis University, who proposed that the school’s 300 professors and instructors give up 1 percent of their pay.

“What we are doing is a symbolic gesture that has real consequences — it can save a few jobs,” said William Flesch, the senate chairman and an English professor.

He says more than 30 percent have volunteered for the pay cut, which could save at least $100,000 and prevent layoffs for at least several employees. “It’s not painless, but it is relatively painless and it could help some people,” he said.

I think that 30% figure is news(!) about us(!) in the New York Times(!).
There’s two ways to think about it:
a. We’re famous enough to be in the NYT
b. The whole world gets to know about the machinations regarding the budget before we do.

Or of course maybe everyone but me knew about this already. To be clear, I mean the news that 30% of faculty have signed up for the voluntary cut, not that any have.

In any case, now we know.