More Kudos

While we’re on the topic of kudos to Jehuda, I’d like to thank the Administration for, among other things, refusing to take huge bribes to force Ayn Rand down our throats. CEO’s are trying push their free-market ideology,

Ayn Rand’s novels of headstrong entrepreneurs’ battles against convention enjoy a devoted following in business circles. While academia has failed to embrace Rand, calling her philosophy simplistic, schools have agreed to teach her works in exchange for a donation.


Scholars scoff at the Rand bounty, saying her ideas are too shallow to build courses around her.

“Rand could not write her way out of a paper bag,” said Harold Bloom, a professor of the humanities and English at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Bloom, 77, is the author of ``The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages’‘ (Harcourt, 1994), an examination of the most important works in Western literature. Rand isn’t on the list.

So thanks to Jehuda and everyone else for refusing to compromise Brandeis’ integrity and reputation by rejecting tainted corporate money. If only they would protect the Brandeis name/brand in other areas as well.


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