My name is Aziz. Vote for me.

Aziz Sohail is running for Senator at Large. We’re giving him and his opponents an opportunity to post one post each making the case to be elected. Are you running for election? Wanna make a quick case for your candidacy? Email us at

Creating Change. Inspired by YOU! This is the campaign that I am running on.

So why am I running. I have been inspired by everyone at Brandeis to delve into the campus life. As an international student from Pakistan, I couldn’t have even dreamt of some of the things that the university has to offer. A friend, Zohar Fuller ’10, created her own major called Theater and Social Change and inspired me to join Playback Theater and use Arts for Coexistence. BADASS invited me to Debate regardless of my experience. Sangha, the MSA and Hillel showed me a pluralistic and open view of religion and made me a much more educated person. Sangha preached Coexistence. Triskelion showed the possibility of acceptance. On this campus, inspiration never ends.

I am in love with Brandeis, but let us be honest. As they say ‘Nothing’s perfect’. A large majority (literally) says that the ‘Union sucks’ or that it is not in touch with the Student Body; the food sucks; the library hours can be inconvenient; the contrast between the  badly renovated old buildings and the new buildings is massive. Because of all this that I have been hearing I have decided to run for elections. In effect, YOU have inspired me to run!

Brandeis and everything else on this campus has been so inspirational, so friendly and so helpful! I hope I can inspire you along the way to listen to my ideas and to let me create a change for the first time. Your inspiration and your hope will let me work on issues and bring the voice of the student union to you! It will inspire me to make this campus a much more integrated place and a place where the Union is seen in touch with people rather than not.

Thank you for giving me the chance to have a voice and bring this voice to you. If I win, I will work hardest to let your voice be heard and for you to be inspired and inspire. If I  don’t win, rest assured that I will be working for what I believe in and I will always be grateful for the chance to run.

I look forward to your comments and advice as well as concerns.