New Look for Innermost Parts!

Enter Innermost Parts, 2.0. Its been about a year since we first seriously started writing, and I’ve redesigned the site to make it look prettier and easier on the eyes. 

There were a few things I’d have liked to do, but couldn’t figure out due to my limited coding abilities. These include gravatar support, threaded comments, and a few other things. If you are reading this and know about internets and want to help us out by doing some more advanced site design (we use wordpress), that’d be great.

Leave comments with feedback on the new look, suggestions, etc.


13 thoughts on “New Look for Innermost Parts!”

  1. This is a mostly unimportant observation.

    I noticed today though that the headlines in the new format are significantly smaller. While I suppose this is good in that it makes the site look significantly more professional, it makes it more difficult for us to be sensationalistic. Innermostparts seems to thrive on controversy, perhaps we should aim to make it easier for us to be controversial? Though I suppose that would require us to compromise our standards in a way we might not want.

  2. My beef with the new format is that you also changed the way the blog handles RSS. I read IP using google reader and now when your articles come up they are cut short to the first few lines. Previously you were able to get the full article via RSS.

  3. that should not be the case; what browser are you using? I have not yet tested it on internet explorer… The bird is an owl, brandeis’ mascot, and it is watching over the world, or something like that.

  4. Looks good. FYI, the search bar is covering the bird’s face in the logo. BTW, what’s the intended meaning of the bird as a symbol?

  5. I don’t plan on changing it back completely, but I will certainly change this one to make it easier to read!

    What makes it more difficult? Is it simply the reduced contrast of the white on blue, in the main posts? If you can give specific problems, I can make some changes…

    Which boxes in the right-hand collumn do not display complete text? (also, which browser are you using?)

  6. I’d like to second Stuart’s commendation on your excellent work. You (IP and the student body more broadly) have an opportunity facing you that comes around once in a generation. As a result of the financial crisis, the Brandeis faculty, administration, and hopefully even the Board of Trustees are more attuned to new ideas for the direction of the university than they’ve been at any time in the last 20 years (or more). If you can formulate a coherent agenda for change, you have the best chance in decades of actually getting it acted upon.

  7. I must agree with staffmember. As an alumnus hungry for news and viewpoints, I’ve have been enjoying your site for some time. This new format is very difficult to read. Plus the boxes in the right-hand column don’t display the complete text. Substantively, however, keep up the good work! Stuart Young ’77

  8. I liked your previous WordPress theme better. This one is pretty, but hard to read. If your goal is to limit your audience to young people whose eyes haven’t started to go bad yet, it may be working…

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