New Tool for Getting Around Boston

Have you ever felt it difficult to get from Point A to Point B in the Boston area without going through downtown? Say you want to get from Harvard Square to Coolidge Corner in Brookline. You don’t need to go in to Park Street Station on the Red Line and then out again on the Green Line, just take the 66 bus–no transfer. How about if you’re in the Back Bay and want to check out Jamaica Plain (a wicked cool neighborhood)? Just take the 39 bus. What if you were supposed to meet your friend at the Harvard Square shuttle stop but you screwed up and went to Beacon & Mass Ave? Just take the 1 bus.

The MBTA has recently created a new map that has the familiar “T” subway (red, blue, orange), light rail (green, M-line red), and bus rapid transit lines (silver) and adds 12 key bus routes.

You can find it here in a nice printable PDF.

Print it out and put it in your backpack or purse.  When you know that special way to get someplace, all your friends will be wildly impressed.