News Roundup

The latest news from the Justice and the Hoot:

  • The Presidential search progresses. As usual, the process might be technically transparent, but really, as a concerned student, I don’t where to startWho do I talk to? if I write a letter to the search committee, what topics should I address? It’s all so disempowering. I’m thinking of writing an open letter to the Presidential Search committee outlining what Brandeis students are feeling and what sort of President they want. Maybe it’ll start with “we want Brandeis to start trying to be Brandeis, and to stop trying to be Harvard?” Would you sign/help write such a letter?
  • President Jehuda has proposed a way for people making under $150,000 at Brandeis to get raises. This is good, yes?
  • Aramark food is legitimately unhealthy and crappy. But of course you already new that. More on this later.
  • The Hoot also talks about our community response to the MSA vandalism, of course.

The Justice:

  • The IBS, Heller, and Rabb school are going to get bigger. As much as I like the idea of Brandeis as a small liberal arts college, I think this could turn out well (beyond the obvious financial benefits). Heller School students are cool people! IBS students are cool people! etc. More cool people on campus would be a good thing. Though a lot of work must be put in to make sure that there’s more integration between graduate and undergraduate students.
  • There’s going to be a new German major perhaps.
  • The Justice also has an article on the community response to the MSA vandalism. Innermost Parts is in it so of course you should check it out.
  • The Presidential Search committee is progressing in its search. More on this later.
  • A commitee thinks it can save maybe 2 million dollars a year through more prudent purchasing and other logistical smartness.

And that’s the news.