Olly the Owl

One thing I really like about Brandeis is that our mascot is named after Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. I’ve often claimed that we need to expand that tradition: before I graduate my goal is to get something named after Earl Warren, and hopefully work “Thurgood’s” in somewhere. It must happen!

Anyways, the good folk at Brandeis are shopping around this video: “Day in the Life of Ollie the Brandeis Student“.

According to them:

The purpose of the video is to get people to our website (to raise money for scholarship), and for them to tell their friends (who can later tell more friends) to view the website (aka viral marketing). So take a look, give me your feedback, and– if you are amused by what you see– please forward it to along.

True dat. Raising money for scholarships is important – and it’s gratifying to see Brandeis embracing the small dollar donor model – the biggest contribution was $500 and the lowest was $20. And a foundation will match 50% of any donation. So it’s a pretty sweet deal, check out the website for more info.


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  1. Earl Warren dedicated the statue of Louis Brandeis on campus, in the presence of a few other Justices I believe.

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