ONE MORE DAY to Apply for New Academic Committees

The deadline for applying for the Curriculum and Academic Restructuring Sub-Committees is this Saturday at 5pm, so apply now here or forever hold your peace.  The subcommittees open to undergraduate students are Recruiting and Admissions, creating a possible Business Major, Summer Semester/Summer Away, and Degree Requirements and Advising.  These openings for student voices are the realization of what we’ve been working so hard to achieve and represent a golden opportunity to participate directly in shaping the future of Brandeis academics.

For more information on the application process and the requirements for the committees, check out Jason Gray’s initial e-mail below the fold.

To the Student Body,

As you may know, the administration and faculty have recently formed the Curriculum and Academic Restructuring Steering Committee to “to establish and coordinate a variety of proposals for leading us forward to achieve strong academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels within the fiscal constraints that are ever so apparent in this unprecedented time.”

I am serving as a student representative to the Steering Committee.  At this morning’s meeting, sub-committees have been formed that will be discussing (1) Recruiting and Admissions, (2) a possible Business Major, (3) Summer Semester/Summer Away, (4) Degree Requirements and Advising, and (5) the Graduate Schools.

Each of these sub-committees will have undergraduate students as members (not including the Graduate School sub-committee, which will have graduate students as members).

**You can apply to be a member of one of these committees at Applications are due by Saturday at 5PM.  Strong applicants will be invited for interviews this Sunday with me, Anum Khan ’10, the Director of Academic Affairs, and Adam Ross ’09, the Chair of the Provost’s Advisory Committee.

These are important committees, and you will be expected to commit a significant amount of time to these meetings and discussions. As there is a limited time-frame, you must be available to meet during February break to serve on one of these committees.

Please also note that there will be a series of town halls/open forums with different committees, administration, and faculty to discuss ideas and gather feedback.  Dates and times will be announced shortly.  I will also be working with the administration and faculty to see that additional avenues for communication regarding these issues be provided.


Jason Gray ’10
Student Union President


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  1. By the way, there are discussion forums open to all members of the Brandeis community on [login required]. There is a forum corresponding to each of those subcommittees. Easiest way to find the boards is to follow the links on the main page at

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