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Two bits of news, both related. First, the police blotter in The Justice contains an interesting follow-up to the Wiggio story:

Sept. 14-University Police observed suspicious persons defacing the roadway outside of the Rabb steps on Loop Road. The parties were identified as Brandeis students using spray paint to advertise for wiggio.com, the company employing them. University Police advised the students that they were not permitted to spray paint on Brandeis property without permission and dispersed them without further incident.

So the Wiggio vandals were caught, and released. A damn shame, I would’ve liked to see a bit of punishment. Cleaning up their mess, perhaps? At least we now know that Brandeis students were definitely on the Wiggio payroll.

In other Advertising news, I wonder how many of you received an email today from CampusLIVE, a company whose principal service seems to be posting menus on its website. They have created a slightly fancy-lookin’ homepage for our school, featuring a few menus and links to pages on the Brandeis website. (I will not link to it here, but you can find it in the email). The company was founded by UMass-Amherst grads, and has launched an aggressive marketing campaign targeted at local colleges. The email says they were on campus today meeting people and handing out propaganda. Did anyone see them? And how did they get our emails? Are they working with administrators?

I for one, am sick of being advertised to here. I don’t want to be spammed and I don’t want corporate logos sprayed on buildings. I recommend that CampusLIVE receives overwhelming cold indifference from the Brandeis student body. Do not reward spammers. Text of the email is beyond the gap.

Hello Brandeis Students,

We hope that you got to see the CampusLIVE @ Brandeis Team on campus today. We were out and about, passing out some materials, meeting with students and clubs and getting to know the campus.

We’re now working with a BUNCH of restaurants on campus. We’ve got over 15 restaurant menus on our site, here: http://www.campuslive.com/brandeis/restaurants

We’re also running a give-away for Brandeis Students (you can’t miss it – http://www.campuslive.com/brandeis). This includes a fridge and a 32″ plasma tv. Not bad.

Thanks again. Let us know what you think!

The CL @ Brandeis Team





3 responses to “Our Corporate Campus”

  1. The Wiggio ads are stenciled in spray *chalk*, not spray paint. For proof, wet your finger and rub one. That hardly qualifies as “vandalism” or defacement, and I see no reason why a Wiggio logo is different from any other graffito on this campus.

  2. Art

    Truth be told, what Doug is saying is correct in so far as I think it’s unattainable to want the university to form no associations with any outside companies.
    I will 100% agree with you on the Wiggio think, but being progressive, Nathan, what do you think of graffiti as a form of legitimate art?

  3. Doug

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with companies started by budding entrepreneurs, just out of college, advertising their services to us. Vandalizing university property is one thing, but given this campuslive thing isn’t created by some megaconglomorate monoply let them offer their services. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little small business :).