Overheard at Brandeis: Innaugural Post in Weekly series


So as my earlier posts this week have demonstrated, I’m into series now.
Ever walking around campus and overheard people saying the dumbest shit? Or the most intellectual garbage? Or something that profoundly and sincerely changes your life?

Well now you have something to do with it. Please send it in to tips@innermostparts.org! And if it’s good enough, we’ll repost it!

One I’ve been storing up for a while:

(Walking past the hill atop which the Brandeis statue stands)
Person 1: It’s not a rock, there are trees growing out of it.

Thanks for reading the innaugural post, now start sending them!






One response to “Overheard at Brandeis: Innaugural Post in Weekly series”

  1. Ingrid

    Overheard mid-morning at Einstein’s: “Well, that’s the last time I smoke pot before French class.”