Painting the streets purple: Wear purple today!

Wear purple today!

Today has been declared Wear Purple Day. Show your acceptance of the LGBTQA community and bring awareness to the cruelty and inhumanity that the community faces on a daily basis by decking yourself out in purple today. This is a day for Gay Pride and equality. Recently 6 homosexual boys committed suicide because they were abused. Abused because of the way they are, the way they were born. Now is the time to take a stance against the inhumanity of homophobia. Brandeis needs to show its love and respect for the LGBTQA community. Whoever you are, come wear purple with us to show your love. Show the world that no matter your sexuality, Brandeis will open its arms to you. We need to live up to Louis Brandeis’s ideal of social justice, so let’s paint the street of Brandeis purple today!