Please Sign the Letter

I know that I’m not supposed to post about events occurring outside of Brandeis but the remarks made by Boyd K. Packer frustrate and anger me to no end. They can’t be ignored. This is the sort of act that leads people to commit suicide. A religious figure is telling all LGBT people that they are simply evil and unnatural. This is a subject that although these words weren’t spoken on our campus, they were spoken to the students and to the faculty, to anyone who is struggling with their sexual identity and is afraid. We can’t risk that our youth, that our friends, our family and our neighbors hear these words and then believe them. It is imperative that people demonstrate their disagreement. For now I have an open letter that The Human Rights Campaign is sending out to the Mormon Church explaining their disagreement. Please sign the letter and spread the word that you and many others don’t just think Boyd K. Packer’s words are unjust and incorrect but also that you are outraged by them. There is a video clip of his speech on this link; I’m sure that if you want to find the whole speech before signing the letter, it will be accessible through youtube.


One thought on “Please Sign the Letter”

  1. The worst part? Packer’s view is much much much closer to the rule than the exception. What I never understood about the whole religion-gay thing was why they have to go after the lifestyle; why they so vehemently care that people live in a way that they disagree with. They don’t condemn people ‘born’ [it is less of a choice] into other faiths much; although as per their faith those people are inferior….they really just can’t let others live, can they?

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