Questionnaire from Avi Rhodes

We sent every candidate for Union office in the upcoming winter elections a short questionnaire on relevant issues.  Below the fold is the response from Avi Rhodes, candidate for Senator for Village Quad.

1. What new or existing projects would you like to work on in the Senate?

I would like to continue to work on outreach projects such as The get to know a senator event. in addition I would like to work on continuing to advocate for student contact with administrators and to help advocate for the needs of the students of the university.

2. What experience do you have that you think would help you be an effective Senator?

I have been an active voice to the Union for the past two years attending every meeting this semester. Additionally i have been a member of the senate outreach committee which has been attempting to make the union more accessible to students in the university.

3. What issues do you find most pressing for your specific constituency?

The issue that most directly effects my constituency is the changing of the village to a midyear dorm and not allowing Brandeis students who are not studying abroad to live in the village.

4. One of the four pillars upon which Brandeis was founded is the commitment to social justice. How do you interpret this commitment, and what role does the Student Union Senate have in fulfilling it?

To me social justice is a commitment to helping the university be a fair system that helps its students succeed in the endeavors that they choose. Social Justice additionally means that we must take care to consider the impact of actions and realizing that we have the potential to be examples to others. This holds true for the student Union Where we would be able to assist with constituent needs and at the same time we would be able serve as an example to our constituents and to other universities in advocating for student rights.

5. What do you consider the most pressing issues facing Brandeis as a result of the budget deficits, and what role would you play as a Senator in working on them?

One of the largest most immediate areas effecting the university is the closing of the Rose art museum. This is an important cultural landmark not only to us Brandeisians but also to the greater Boston community. As a senator i will continue to advocate for alternatives to the closing of the museum and I would also work to ensure that the needs of students on this and other issues are brought to the attention of the administration.