Racial Minority Community Submits Amicus Brief

Dear Justices,

We are writing to you to ask that the case regarding the Senator for
Racial Minority Students be dismissed.

We feel that the position of Senator for Racial Minority Students
plays an important role in the minority community at Brandeis. This
position allows for the voices of minority students to be heard
through a person with which the community feels comfortable. People of
color on this campus are a small community with some unique needs, and
without a position in place to serve them, those needs would probably
not be met. Through representation, the racial minority community at
Brandeis can better be active participants in the larger Brandeis

We think that a discussion of these important issues in the student
body should take place, but we do not believe that a UJ case is the
proper venue in which to do so. This case in no way represents the
voices of the racial minority community. By suing the elections
commission, this case does not provide an outlet through which the
community of people of color can make their voices heard. It is
important that the minority community, as those most affected by a
decision about this position, be active participants in such
discussions. This position should not be disbanded without
consultation of the racial minority community.

Thank you for taking into consideration the voices of the racial
minority community of Brandeis University.

Kaamila Mohamed
Class of ‘11
Co-President, Brandeis Black Student Organization
Founder and Former President, Mixed Heritage Club

JV Souffrant
TYP ‘09

Jason Gray
Class of ‘10
Student Body President

Taisha Sturdivant
Class of ‘11
Black History Month Co-Coordinator, Black Student Organization

Virginia Ramos
Class of ’12

Marie Zazueta
Class of ‘11
Former E-Board Member, Mixed Heritage Club

Tanya Kostochka
Class of ’11
Co-President, Japanese Students Association

Jung Oh Ham
Class of ‘11
Former webmaster, Korean Student Association
ICC Staff

Shaina Gilbert
Class of ‘10
TYP Senator of 2006-2007
Executive Director of Women of Color Alliance (WOCA)
Co-President of Brandeis Black Student Organization

Ariella Silverstein-Tapp
Class of ‘09
Co-President, Adagio Dance Company
Co-President, HIPnosis Dance Team

Christina Luo
Class of ’11
Former Treasurer, Mixed Heritage Club

Liane Hypolite
Class of ‘10
E-Board Member, MLK and Friends

Beckie Choi
Class of ’11
Former Vice President, Korean Student Association

Lisa Hanania
Class of ’11
President, Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine
President, Arab Culture Club

Jillian Rexford
TYP Class of ‘09
Operating Director, Women of Color Alliance

Kayla Sotomil
Class of ‘10
Culture X Coordinator

Kenta Yamamoto
Class of ‘10
Co-president, Japanese Student Association

Stephanie A. Karol
Class of ‘12
President, Mixed Heritage Club

Alex Luo
Class of ‘11
Former Secretary of the Mixed Heritage Club


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