Recycling Gaining Popularity?

In August, I wrote about the lack of recycling going on in small municipalities such as McComb, Mississippi (Britney Spears’ birth place).

So, I was pleased to receive an e-mail from 1800Recycling, telling me that they have noticed that more municipalities have started local recycling programs, and they be featuring these communities on their site. In fact, you can SUBMIT examples of how your community is helping the environmental movement!

Know of any environmental programs going on, or thinking of starting one yourself? Post here with ideas, and consult the website for more stories.

Full text of e-mail below:

Municipalities Setting a Recycling Example

Every movement or campaign starts small scale, so it is no surprise that cities and towns dotting the map are taking recycling and conservation matters into their own hands, regardless of any disconnect at the state or regional level. has been inspired by these forward-thinking efforts, from plastic bag bans to citywide recycling and composting measures sure to change the way citizens dispose of their waste.

There are green stalwarts San Francisco and Portland, banning plastic bags in all of the places that they offered so-called convenience, with support from consumers and businesses.

Then there are smaller towns, like Savannah, GA, and Brownsville, TX, setting examples for the bigger metros in their respective states. Savannah’s municipal recycling program went single-stream in 2009, and has experienced significant successes since. Brownsville was the first to ban plastic bags in Texas, with many of its peers now scrambling to catch up.

These programs and others on the pages of are only a few examples of great recycling advancements happening on the municipal level. Is your city a leader in conservation? Drop us a line, and it may be featured on the site soon.

Happy recycling,

Si Robins