Reflections on Mississippi Post #2

Here are a series of words I came across in my reading of Dark Journey by Neil R. McMillen and Local People by John Dittmer, the two books we were assigned to read for my JBS Mississippi program, which made me stop and think and look them up.

***Thanks to Alex for writing in with his definitions, here they are!

1. Bestiality
Having sex with animals, or cruel treatment of others (animal or human)

2. Malapropisms
Common yet incorrect usage of words or phrases

3. Gubernatorial
Relating to a governor

4. Ecumenical
Interfaith or multi-denominational

5. Paucity
A lack or scarcity

6. Beachhead
A beginning, first attempt/achievement

Would anyone enjoy taking a stab at defining them? *We are still open to new definitions if you would like to contribute to this ever-growing dictionary/book club.






3 responses to “Reflections on Mississippi Post #2”

  1. elly

    Wow Alex, great job! I was going to post my own definitions but yours are great so I think I will put them in.
    Interestingly enough, in my civil rights book bestiality referred to “brutal or savage behavior” rather than its more controversial meaning, relating to interspeciality.

    Jules, we are in the business of literacy and educational activism here, why are you surprised? Is there something specific you think we should blog about?

  2. Jules

    Is this a serious post? What happened to this blog?

  3. alex

    let’s see how I do without

    bestiality-having sex with animals
    malaproprisms-a common yet incorrect usage of a word or phrase
    gubernatorial-relating to a governor
    ecumenical-interfaith or multi-denominational
    paucity- a lack or scarcity
    beachhead- a beginning, first attempt