Reinharz and French both take a 10% pay cut!

So I just got back from a student press conference with Pres. Reinharz and the chief administrators, and am still digesting all the information. Look for more posts later today on news, analysis, and speculation.

Today, both Pres. Reinharz and COO French have announced they are taking a 10% pay cut, presumably starting this fiscal year. This was hidden away in the Boston Globe this morning – 

Reinharz will give up $50,000, French $40,000.

Such a step is something we’ve been thinking about for a while, and which I brought up with COO French at the first student forum. He originally referred me to the sticky wage theory, an economics term describing the difficulty of lowering wages even when market conditions dictate they should go down. Well, it seems the University’s new PR firm, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, is slick enough to overcome its chief officers’ stickiness – the move came two days after the firm’s hiring by the University. Didn’t take a genius to figure out the PR benefits of that one, however.

But regardless of PR motivation, the results are what counts. Such a move is commendable and illustrates a new sensitivity of the Administration to the mood of the community. If we are letting go 10% of our faculty, it seems pretty fair to cut 10% of the half-million dollar salary of our President. Thank you, President Reinharz.


3 thoughts on “Reinharz and French both take a 10% pay cut!”

  1. Thanks President Reinharz and Peter French! I disagree that it’s a drop in the bucket. Saving $90,000 can mean one or two fewer people lose their jobs. I know the numbers are much bigger, but it’s important to bring this back to human scale.

  2. I’m completely unimpressed. As “Waiiit” points out, it’s a drop in the bucket. If anything, it shows that the administration is willing to do meaningless things to placate students. This is neither news nor good news.

  3. So we cut 90,000$ out of the budget from those pay cuts.

    How much are we paying the PR firm?

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