Restating the Commenting Policy

For those unfamiliar with the commenting policy of, please see this post here

Essentially. You must use a real name and you must use a real email.

Innermostparts is not a place to be a douchebag simply because you can be anonymous. That’s what The Justice Online is for.

The writers of this blog are often douchebags, but at least all of you know who we are.


4 thoughts on “Restating the Commenting Policy”

  1. Anonymous – I let your comment through the filter for a reason, so that I could address the issues you brought up.

    I think you might be right, to a limited extent, about the whole anonymity thing. I think people would want to stay pseudonomynous over the internet and I awknowledge that.

    However, when we tried having our comments policy be free and wild, we did have attempts at conversation drowned out. How do we strike the balance between intelligent conversation and the need for anonymyty? here on Innermost Parts we’ve tried to strike that balance by allowing people to write mainly whatever they want (as long as it’s not trite) for their names, as long as they (secretly) couple it with a valid email address. So far that policy has worked; we will see how things work out in the future.

  2. Lev, I don’t think either we or anyone who comments here is a douchebag. That word is a bit over-the-top.

    That said, there are many otherwise-worthy comments we’ve had to delete because people were using fake emails. Not cool.

  3. Sometimes it is hard to be a voice of dissent on this campus. So much time is spent discussing Political correctness and libel, that it is not surprising that some people feel the need to hide behind a pseudonym. It is hard enough for people to be called a Douche bag anonymously let alone if these bloggers used their real names. In short it is only through anonymous blogging that we will truly have freedom of speech.

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