Results of Survey #2: Dept of Public Safety

An extremely small sample size of the Brandeis community answered the following questions about the Brandeis Department of Public Safety.

Breakdown of results:
1. Has anything ever been stolen from you on the Brandeis campus?

62.5% no
37.5% yes

2. If yes, was the Brandeis University Department of Public Safety helpful in the process of reporting the theft and/or recovering the stolen property?

75% N/A
25% yes
0% No


-sort of. I goy my money back but they were treating the crook/thief/scammer better than myself

-I didn’t report it

3. If no, do you think the presence and organization of the Brandeis University Department of Public Safety on campus played a role in protecting your property from theft?

66.7% no
33.3% yes
0% other

4. If you could change one thing about the Brandeis University Department of Public Safety what would it be?

Friendlier staff

They ALWAYS leave a car idoling. I’ve discussed it with them and it is on purpose in case of emergencies. What a waste of fuel. They are SO rude. Every time I go in they ignore me for at least 2 minutes and then basically ask what I want.

The chief?

If they were nice

Nothing. They are genuinely a positive force on campus, but not all of their actions can be understood or appreciated by students.

Thanks for the user feedback. What questions would people like to see for the next poll aimed at finding out statistics about members of the Brandeis community? It can be anything from HOW CAN WE PROMOTE DEMOCRACY ON CAMPUS to WHAT DO YOU THINK OF POT SMOKERS ON CAMPUS?






One response to “Results of Survey #2: Dept of Public Safety”

  1. Seth grande

    4. Not beating the shit out of inebriated students and denying them medical care. ACAB