Rose Closure Blues: Let Your Parents Do the Talking!

Art Attack came up with a pretty snappy idea – give out form letters and stamped, addressed envelopes to students, so their parents can quickly and painlessly indicate their disapproval of the Rose Art’s closing. In the interests of saving some paper and postage, I decided to put the letter up here, so either you or a parent can print and mail/fax it yourself.

Here’s the text of the letter:

President Reinharz,

I am writing as a concerned parent of a current Brandeis student. I understand the gravity of the current finical situation and the strain it is putting on this University’s budget. Clearly, major academic and financial changes are necessary, and I do not wish to stand in the way of necessary restructuring efforts.

However, I am appalled by the decisions being made by the board of trustees and the administration. I am proud to send my child to a University with such a prestigious academic reputation and a commitment to the liberal arts. Closing the Rose Art Museum seriously conflicts with the values this university was founded on, as well as the values it presents to the public. I sent my child to a prestigious liberal arts institution and I would like to see them graduate from one.

Even though we are all struggling financially, closing the Rose in is not in the best interests of my student and is detrimental to the value of my child’s Brandeis education. Please reconsider this hastily considered and dishonestly announced decision.


Concerned Parent of a Concerned Student

And here’s the address to send it to:

President Jehuda Reinharz

MS 100 Brandeis University

P.O. Box 549110

Waltham, MA 02454-9110