Sahar: An Accomplished Candidate

Sahar is a blogger who has constantly worked for real-world change. He believes in changing the underlying structures and the dynamics of student government in order to empower and protect student and help Brandeis live up to its mission.  He turns great ideas into practical proposals and real change.

Sahar co-founded the Committee on Endowment Ethics and Responsibility to ensure the endowment is invested responsibly.

During the 2008 election, Sahar helped run the Brandeis Votes challenge that mobilized our clubs to register students to vote.

When Brandeis was in crisis as a result of the budget cuts Spring 2009, Sahar successfully organized a student movement to oppose the administration’s unilateral decision-making.  The budget cut coalition worked to inform students, contact the media, create a proposal for transparency and student participation, and place a student on the CARS Committee.

On the Constitutional Review Committee as an at-large member, Sahar fought for successful reforms: instant runoff voting in Student Union elections and public defenders in the Union Judiciary.

After the Muslim Students’ Association Lounge was vandalized, Sahar brought together students of Muslim, Jewish, other faiths and no faith to stand up for the Muslim community and our values of tolerance and coexistence.  Sahar created an open letter to the Brandeis Muslim community that gathered 600 signatures and arranged a peace rally that attracted 80 people and widespread media attention.  Sahar knows the true character of our university and our community, and will speak for it when it comes under threat.

Vote Sahar Massachi for Student Union President April 15th.

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