I’m writing to you today with a special request.

Those of you that may know me might know that i tend to be rather critical of the academia in general and Brandeis specifically. Last semester though, i encountered an unusual class called “Reggae Representation,” taught by Professor Wayne Marshall. This class, (which was overloaded with reading, and was strictly graded) challenged my intellect in such a way that no other class has ever done before. We talked about gender, class and race representation in Jamaica through the lens of Reggae. It has inspired me so much that i decided to spend my up coming summer in Jamaica, taking my class-work to the field (with an internship Prof. Marshall has helped me get).

This class, is one of many examples of how i think Prof. Wayne Marshall contributes to the academia in general and this campus specifically. He doesn’t only do it in the class room though, for example just recently was involved in bringing an amazing and unique music group called “Nettle” all the way from Barcelona. And i couldn’t help but ask… Who would have done it otherwise?

Unfortunately, no one will, since his 2-year contract is coming to an end this semester. Brandeis will loose an important and unique asset in many different levels.

Basically, what i’m asking you to do is to promote this student initiative called all you need to do is sign this petition and spread the word around, telling people how much i, and other students care about keeping Prof. Marshall here!

you can read more about Prof. Marshall here:

and his blog:

Thank you for your time,

Lisa H.

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” Albert Einstein