Social Justice Committee Meeting a Success!

Ben Brandzel ’03 created the Social Justice Committee with the purpose of allowing the Brandeis Student Union to take on social justice projects; to make Brandeis and the community around us better. This semester we started off great with a meeting this last Thursday. Though we have not yet decided on a project to take on this semester, we came up with a rough list of ideas for where to begin:

–    Something with the Ethics Center
–    The Prospect Hill Community Center
–    Gender Neutral Housing
–    Social Justice Event with the College of Arts and Sciences
–    Know Your Rights trainings
–    Admissions/Financial Aid/TYP
–    Sweatshop-Free
–    Endowment Transparency

At our next meeting, on October 16 at 9 PM, we’ll narrow this list down, decide on a mission statement, and decide on the non-Senate chair of the committee. I was elected Senator because people wanted me to take on social justice projects, and this is the best outlet for us to take advantage of the resources provided by the Student Union to create change.