Something Legendary

Netroots Nation is the big convention for lefty online activists every year. It happens to be in Las Vegas this year, and it will be legendary. I need to be there. I need your help to get a scholarship to help pay for it.

The people who get the top three votes get to go.

Yesterday, I was in the top 3. Today I’m 5 votes behind, tied for 4th

The competition is neck-and-neck. Could you please take one minute and vote for me to go?

Why I need to go:
NN is awesome. I meet heroes of mine; learn from them by day, party with them by night. It’s the biggest event of the year for me. You’ve heard my stories of epic hanging out with the Brandeis Mafia, DFA people, Zack Exley – they all happened here. My plan this year: 1. go meet people, learn skills, and bring them back to Brandeis. 2. I’m graduating in a year. It’d be nice to, you know, have a career and this is the place to meet people who can help me find my dream job.

How you can help:
It’s very simple. Click the link ( and vote for me. If I am in the top 3 vote-getters, I go. If not, the more votes I get the better my chances.

So, please? It means a super-lot to me and it only takes a few clicks to vote.