SPace is the Future

Special elections are open!
Here you can vote for the Senators for East Quad, the Village, and the class of 2012.

While I encourage you to vote no matter who you’re voting for, I would like to present the case for Sarah Pace (aka “SPace”), who is running for the Village senator.

Sarah has demonstrated her ability to be a leader many times over, even though she is only a sophomore. She is extremely devoted to her a cappella group, Company B, and is responsible for all of their amazing, pun-tastic facebook events. She is an active member of theatre on campus, performing in many shows ranging from Hillel Theatre Group to seniors’ theses.

As anyone who has met her can testify, Sarah is outgoing and enthusiastic. She enjoys volunteering, bringing people together, and voicing her opinion on things when she feels something is not right.

Her goals according to her facebook campaign page are:

“As an energetic, involved, and organized Village resident I feel that there are many things I could bring to the position of Village Quad Senator. I am a sophomore who has resided in the Village for over a semester now, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who loves it more than I do.
The conglomerate of students that live in the Village- Sophomores, Mid-Years, and Transfers- are a special group and deserve a representative who will voice their needs at Senate meetings. I will be that person.”

Sarah and I are in Criminal Law together. This past week our class acted out the trial from the “Bonfire of the Vanities,” a book we had recently read. Sarah was a member of the jury. Although someone else was appointed jury foreman, when Sarah noticed that fer fellow jurors were having trouble starting their deliberation, she jumped in, helping to structure the debate by taking a preliminary vote on each of the charges, and making sure to include an “abstain” option. These little details, which may seem irrelevant, ensured that the process was conducted in a fair and comfortable manner for all involved. Throughout the conversation she urged people to express their opinions and alleviated the tension. By the end, the former jury foreman volunteered to hand over the position to her, and she in turn, accepted.

This is just one small anecdote which illustrates Sarah’s capabilities and skill. For more, look at all of her endorsements. (She was also the only candidate to secure any endorsements).

These include:
* Kaos Kids
* Change Agency
* Innermost Parts
* Tympanium Euphorium
* Hillel Theatre Group
* Company B

So, if you want a good leader to represent you in the Student Union, vote Sarah Pace for Village senator. And if you don’t live in the Village, tell your friends who do to vote for her. And if you don’t have friends, then come write for Innermost Parts!


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Author: elly

Class of 2013 Writes crosswords for the Blowfish Writes sketches for Boris' Kitchen Writes show reviews for Justice Arts Does improv in her free time

3 thoughts on “SPace is the Future”

  1. I think she is an activist in the sense of the term that she is politically active in her role of a citizen, as demonstrated by her lively engagement, particularly on campus.

    I do not, however, think that someone should have to be an activist in order for IMP to promote or endorse said person.

  2. I wish Sarah luck, and she certainly sounds like a strong campus leader. However, seeing as this is Innermost Parts, I’m curious… does Sarah have a history as a campus activist? Has she taken a position on any activist related issues?

    Again, this is nothing serious, I’m just wondering. I’d be happy to vote for Sarah if I lived in the Village.

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