Spike in Crime in Waltham?

Anyone know anything about the numerous break-ins into apartments of Brandeisians living off-campus this week?

Edward M. Callahan, Director of Public Safety at Brandeis sent out the following e-mail. Please comment below with information, or send tips to tips@innermostparts.org.

In the last week, several students residing off campus have reported
break-ins at their Waltham apartments. Each incident was reported to the
Waltham Police who are currently investigating. As a reminder, all
students residing off campus should check with their landlord to ensure
that their residence has proper locking devices on all windows and doors
and remember to use them. Students should also report any suspicious
activity to the Waltham Police.
Students living on campus should make certain that their residence hall
room doors and windows are secure when leaving the room and report any
suspicious activity to Brandeis Public Safety.