Student Events Town Hall Forum; Come one Come all

Hey students,
If you’re reading this I’m presuming you have an interest in getting involved.
If that is true, then consider going to Student Events’ townhall-style open forum meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, from 7-8 PM in Upper Sherman- Lurias Conference Room.
Whether you have suggestions, want to hear others’ ideas, or just like observing the democratic process (I know I do…), it’s sure to be a fun time had by all.


Did you like Ok Go at the fall concert? Or, did you want a different comedian to come to Brandeis instead of Myq Kaplan? Come to Student Events’ end of the semester forum on Wednesday December 1st from 7-8 in the Lurias. This is the time for YOU to tell us what you liked or did not like about our events this semester.

Got any great ideas for next semester? Come to forum and tell us! We want your feedback. Snacks will be served, so bring your friends!

For the students, by the students… Student Events

Lauren Brodsky
Director of Student Events
Brandeis University ’11






3 responses to “Student Events Town Hall Forum; Come one Come all”

  1. Lara Grey

    Matt, you sound so negative and cynical. If you don’t give constructive input, do not expect anything to change for the better…accept things as they are and keep quiet.

  2. Alex N.

    Well Matt, the important thing is that you’ve done your research and used it to back up your constructive criticism.

  3. Matt

    I can’t be there for any number of reasons, including the “for the students” bit, but I’d appreciate it if someone told them to stop pissing away students’ money on poorly-planned, uninteresting events that most students neither demand nor attend. I’m convinced that the other student organizations at Brandeis and their somewhat more democratic and open funds allocation process can do a better job of spending their own money.