Student Union Takes It Downstairs to the People

So, as announced in the Student Union e-mail earlier this week, the Student Union set up a table downstairs in the Atrium today to interact with students- directly! And what were students encouraged to talk about? Housing! (I’ll be posting my own reflections on housing tomorrow)

Senators, website designers and a secretary or two were there for students to talk with, a video camera was present to document their concerns and laptops were available for them to fill out complaint forms online.

The Student Union will be conducting a Feedback Assessment on University Housing tomorrow (Tuesday, March 15), with regards to the selection process and availability options on campus.

This Assessment is completely voluntary, and Union Representatives will have a table set-up in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium from 4pm to 8pm. Please feel free to stop by and let us know your thoughts and concerns with Housing.

We will have an option for your opinion to be videotaped and sent to the Administration. We will also have laptops out for you to record your thoughts and concerns. If you are unable to pass by, but still want your voice heard – utilize the Complaint Section of our Student Union Site:!

The material will all be forwarded to the administration, in the most grassroots-y project the Student Union has put on in a while. I think this is a wonderful thing and was really happy to see representatives taking the time to man the booth and answer students’ and others’ questions. Nice job, StudUn! Keep up the good work!

The next question is, of course, whether or not this will lead to any Housing policy reform (which is greatly needed), and if the Student Union will make similar efforts to hear the voice of its constituents on other topics (say…dining?). Hope they do!