Study Abroad Gets in on Today’s Excitement Too

What else is happening today?

Study Abroad is telling students going abroad in the 2011-12 school year that if they don’t submit all of their application materials by noon then they will suffer the consequences.

Excerpted from J. Scott Van Der Meid’s (Director of Study Abroad) e-mail sent out yesterday:

If you did not apply in enough time to get a decision by noon tomorrow, you have a serious problem on your hands since our office has been very clear through our forms and numerous emails that you needed to apply by at least March 1st to get a decision.

What are students to do if they haven’t heard back yet, you ask?

Allyson and I will be the only ones in the office tomorrow to assist with any issues you may have. Please come by and speak with us in person from 9-noon tomorrow. We WILL NOT accept any emails around delays of forms. You must come in person and we strongly suggest you don’t wait until 11:59 to see us.

Looks like I’ll be one of the many waiting outside the crowded Office of Study Abroad tomorrow to try to explain why my program hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

While I understand the need to report your study abroad status and Brandeis’ wish to estimate how many students are doing what next year, and so how many new students they can provide for, I don’t appreciate the harsh tone of this e-mail and the seeming insensitivity to students whose programs are not accommodating to Brandeis’ early deadline. If study abroad deadlines (both internal and external) and application information were made clearer from the start then this would be a non-issue. However, it wasn’t, and so study abroad becomes a hassle and source of confusion for many.

The topping on the cake?

Please note that there are many offices around campus who need to know for sure who is confirmed for study abroad and so our strict deadline is a result of being a team player at Brandeis






2 responses to “Study Abroad Gets in on Today’s Excitement Too”

  1. Rachel

    You asked who were the people making up mindless bureaucracy just to train us for the real world? I think you have your answer.

  2. Adam

    I completely agree with these sentiments. I went in to turn in my application today, and J Scott Van DIck or whatever was a complete asshole to me, didn’t listen to anything I said, yelled at me for not turning in my app earlier even though I just heard back from my study abroad program last night. The study abroad people are ridiculous and love using their power to be dicks to people. Thanks for writing.