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  • Keep Baracking the Vote!

    Congratulations Brandeis, we defeated Tufts and won “Barack the Raymond Vote!” Yesterday, students from both schools canvassed every neighborhood in Raymond, New Hampshire, knocking on 1023 doors and identifying 268 people in Raymond who are planning on voting for Obama on election day.  next week! (To put things in perspective, Raymond has a population of […]

  • New Left Ideologies at Brandeis: Beyond Institutional Politics

    The Port Huron Statement, Tom Hayden’s 1962 manifesto for the Students for a Democratic Society and the New Left, is often considered irrelevant today.  True, what was considered radical before the counterculture movement (participatory government, universal healthcare, demilitarization, etc) is now the mundane mantra of mainstream American progressives. Yet what struck me in the statement […]