Need Blind is No More

Hello Brandeis!

I hope many of you have read this article in the Hoot by Bret Matthew. He discusses the very scary and imminent decision for admissions to begin using a “need sensitive” policy when admitting new freshman next fall. This decision is against the integrity and values of Brandeis. I applied here early decision because I felt this school had a powerful dedication to justice and to its students.

There only reason I am attending Brandeis now is because of the “need blind” policy. Without the tremendous scholarships I have received, I would be at a state school without any of the amazing opportunities I have received here at Brandeis. For many of my friends, this has also been their experience.

As responsible students of Brandeis, we can not allow such detrimental changes to be made! We must stand up proud of the Brandeis tradition, accepting all students who match criteria, no matter their financial status. In order to maintain our educated and caring student body, in order to maintain our diversity, in order to bring about new ideas and actions for future generations, we must accept the best possible students who apply. The brightest minds don’t always come from the deepest pockets, and we need to continue to celebrate freedom of education.