My name is Beneva. Vote for me!

Beneva Davies is running for Senator at Large. We’re giving her and her opponents an opportunity to post one post each making the case to be elected. Are you running for election? Wanna make a quick case for your candidacy? Email us at

This is my story and my vision. If by the end of this you believe in my vision and what we can do and who we can be, join me. But most of all, even if not for me, get out there and VOTE!! Have your voice be heard. As a current member of senate/student union, I know it is not a perfect institution and I have identified the pitfalls. I’m ready to WORK towards the CHANGE I seek and to work for the change you seek. I believe in GOALS and ACTION– but I understand that to get from one to the other is not always easy. I’m invested in student union because I’m invested in the students. Over the past year I have worked to open up the line of COMMUNICATION between students and student union. I have worked to bring all students together to solve the issues that involve our community and form bridges between different groups on campus because we really are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. I’ve worked hard over the past year, and I will continue to work hard.

If I can leave you with one thing, it’s that as a student of Brandeis University, an institution that was created to seek, serve, and enforce Social Justice, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. you can truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE. What YOU think MATTERs. The goals and dreams you have can be MANIFESTed through ACTION. If you vote for me, I guarantee I will always FIGHT FOR THAT RIGHT.

Thank you.
~Beneva Davies.