Apply to join the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance!

Hi everyone! My name is Giselle Casillas, I’m a senior and I’m new to Innermost Parts. I’d like to share a really great opportunity for all first years, sophomores and juniors interested in pluralism and diversity.

For the past 3 years I’ve been part of a great organization on campus called the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance. The BPA is a grant program comprised of students, faculty and staff aimed at encouraging and advising members of the Brandeis community in matters of unity, multiculturalism and identity. Specifically, BPA is a resource for anyone on campus- students, staff, faculty- who want to host events dealing with pluralism. As sponsors, we not only give you funds to realize your project, we help you advertise and network your event so as to encourage as much community inclusion and participation as possible. You can read more about BPA here

We are currently welcoming applications for new members to join the Pluralism Alliance Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets a few times throughout the semester to award grants, but other responsibilities including serving as liaisons to grant recipients and organizing meetings for representatives of student groups to share and discuss ongoing initiatives. We’re also working on hosting our own event, but details for this will come later. Applications are due Sunday November 7 by 11:59 pm, and you can find the online application on our website above. BPA is open to anyone and everyone. If issues of pluralism and unity on campus are important to you but you don’t know how to get involved, I really encourage you to apply. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me ( or any of the other Steering Committee members. Many thanks for your attention and to InnermostParts for letting me advertise on this space. Happy Halloween!