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  • Law Journal Update — Sold Out! But You Can Still Get One

    It’s been out for less than two weeks, but the Brandeis Law Journal has already been cleaned off the shelves.  Fear not, though, because you can still get one by e-mailing subscriptions@brandeislawjournal.com.  All Brandeis students can get a copy for free, but non-students have to pay $4.95.  Get one!  Read your fellow students’ work!  I’ve […]

  • Judah Marans has done it

    Many people didn’t think it would happen. They thought it was crazy. But it’s real. We have a Brandeis Undergraduate Law Journal, and it’s here because of the undeniable hard work and tenacity of Judah Marans. Innermost Parts contributor Nathan Robinson wrote a thing for it, and so did respected Professor Gaskin, among others. The […]