Turn the Campus Green — One Room at a Time

Have you gotten your room Green Certified yet? If not, do it now!

The Certified Green Room program is run by the Campus Sustainability Initiative as a way to get more students thinking — and living — in an environmentally conscious manner. To sign up, you simply need to choose 15 green pledges from a list of 25, and put them to action in your daily life at Brandeis. The pledges are simple, such as “I bike with my own bike or ‘DeisBikes” and “I use reusable shopping bags”; you probably follow many of them already.

Why is it important to sign up? For starters, getting your room certified automatically puts you in a weekly raffle to win one of several useful prizes — we’ve already given away smart power strips and solar-powered chargers. If you’re certifying your room for the second year in a row, you’ll also receive a free travel mug. More importantly, however, getting Green Certified is a reminder to stay eco-friendly and a declaration that you care about living sustainably.

So get yourself certified right now! It’s quick, painless, and open to all Brandeis students (even if you’re living off-campus). The College Sustainability Report Card gives us an A in Student Involvement — let’s keep leading the way to a greener future.

Climate Change Solutions Day Tomorrow

As part of the National Climate Change Solutions Day taking place on hundreds of college campuses tomorrow, the Campus Sustainability Initiative will be hosting a series of really cool events tomorrow.  If you think this weird “environment” thing that the young’uns keep going on about is important, then you’ll probably find something interesting in their program schedule.

The Shapiro Campus Center will host the Sustainability Solutions Showcase, a forum and educational display focusing on simple ways to green yourself on the Brandeis campus.  It features a webcast with several experts on the actions they foresee from the Obama administration and a live video conference with none other than our own US Representative Ed Markey, one of the true Congressional leaders on environmental issues.  Tours will also be held of Ridgewood and the Science Complex with an emphasis on their state-of-the-art green technologies.

Follow this link for more information on times and locations and for RSVP information for the tours (space is apparently limited).