Tag: Ed Callahan

  • Waltham and Brandeis — The Super Friends of Proper Parking

    Today, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan sent out an all-campus e-mail from the Waltham Police Department sharing the city’s parking regulations. The full text of the e-mail is below the fold. I don’t have a car on campus, but many of my friends do, and I drive with them into Waltham fairly frequently. Clearly, […]

  • Washington State University gets all the fun

    This seems like a fun thing: An anonymous hacker wearing a Guy Fawkes mask took over classroom projection screens at Washington State University last Friday, the fifth of November, to broadcast a prerecorded message adapted from V For Vendetta, in a prank that evidently alarmed administrators and amused students. The nearly four minute video, which […]

  • Guns at Brandeis — A Year Later

    About a week and a half ago, Brandeis saw something that had never happened before.  Several Public Safety officers responded to an on-campus incident by drawing their firearms, the first time that has happened since the guns were issued last June.  After the fierce debates over arming campus police last year, there’s been surprisingly little […]