Will Brandeis Get a Mystery Gift?

Colleges across the country are getting mysterious donations numbering in the millions of dollars from secret donors.


A mystery is unfolding in the world of college fundraising: During the past few weeks, at least eight universities have received gifts totaling nearly $45 million, and the schools had to promise not to try to find out the giver’s identity.

Now, while I definitely wish that Brandeis would receive some anonymous angel donation, I appreciate that the money is going to colleges such as Norfolk State University, University of Iowa, University of Southern Mississippi, and so on.

I don’t have the time to round up smart people pithily making this point, but I think it’s pretty obvious that a 4 million dollar donation to a State University is significantly better for society than paying Harvard 4 million dollars to name a building after you. It’s great that schools who actually need the help the most are getting it.

Which reminds me:
An angel concerned about funding higher education where it needs help should consider the Washington Monthly College Rankings:

this guide asks not what colleges can do for you, but what colleges are doing for the country. It’s a guide for all Americans who are concerned about our institutions of higher learning. Are our colleges making good use of our tax dollars? Are they producing graduates who can keep our nation competitive in a changing world? Are they, in short, doing well by doing good? This is the guide that tells you.

The most recent rankings I could find are from 2007. In terms of the social benefit it produces, Brandeis is a measly 98

Anyways, kudos to these colleges. Hopefully Brandeis is next in receiving “miracle savior money.” We need it, after all.