Charlie Radin + Gershom Gorenberg => J Street

I read Gershom Gorenberg every day. Well, every day I check my RSS reader, and if Gershom has written something, then I make sure to take the time to read it.  (His blog is called South Jerusalem. It's on our blogroll, I think).



He's an interesting guy – an Orthodox Jew and member of the Israeli left, and a thoughtful and kind man. 

He's teaming up with J-Street (the American Jewish Pro-Israel Pro-Peace group) and giving a talk about his great new book, The Unmaking of Israel.

  • Where: 384 Harvard Street, in Brookline.
  • When: Tomorrow (Wednesday)
  • Time: 7:30pm

I like Charlie Radin. He works at the Office of Communications at Brandeis (I think he's in charge of Brandeis NOW) and was an award-winning foreign correspondent for the Boston Globe.

Charlie is moderating the event! Our Charlie! How cool is that?

Want to go?

Seriously. Want to take a bus with me or something? Let me know.