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  • Hillel Board rejects JVP

    Jewish Voice for Peace is a recognized, but not chartered group on campus. Last Monday they applied to formally join the umbrella of all Jewish groups on campus – Hillel. The Hillel student board, in consultation with the adults in charge, voted to reject them. This is gaining some national press: New Voices Mondoweiss Magnes […]

  • Sign up for Hillel Dinner!

    To the lovely Brandeis community, As part of the wonderful celebrations on Friday Dec. 3 Hillel is welcoming everyone to join Shabbat dinner at 6:30 pm in Upper Sherman. The theme is Harry Potter and sounds like a lot of fun! In order to ensure there is enough food, PLEASE sign up to reserve your […]

  • Celebrate, Don’t React!

    If our responses are celebratory instead of reactionary, productive instead of abrasive, we can accomplish so much more. Lets love and respect each other instead of hating them.

  • Chapel Clarification

    From Hillel: We regret that The Justice recently misreported the plans with respect to the Berlin Chapel renovation. The Berlin Chapel renovation is not scheduled to begin until after final exams at the end of this semester and will be completed before students return for the beginning of Spring semester. As a result, reports suggesting […]