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  • Building a Wider Donor Base

    It’s no secret that Brandeis’s fundraising is much too slow right now and that the Madoff scheme is a big reason why.  The failing economy would be a huge handicap on it’s own, but dealing with the greatest theft in history targeted mostly toward our greatest donor base has made our situation critical.  We know […]

  • Madoff Investor List released (Brandeis is sort of on it)

    A former editor of the Justice pointed this out to us: A list of investors and interested parties in the Bernie Madoff bankruptcy case has been released. Brandeis University, along with important donors like the Shapiros, are on the list. At first glance, this would seem to indicate that the University did indeed invest with […]

  • Carl J Shapiro loses hundreds of millions in Madoff fraud

    Eminent billionaire and philantropist Bernard L. Madoff was arrested two days ago by federal agents for perpetrating the largest fraud scheme in Wall Street history, with losses estimated at $50 billion. Madoff was an extremely influential securities trader. According to charges against Mr. Madoff, his firm paid off earlier investors with money from new investors, […]